Safe-Tee Timers

Safe-Tee Timers are suppliers of disposable cooking thermometers to the meat and poultry industry. All of the products we supply are manufactured to meet the current USDA, FDA and CFIA standards.

Safe-Tee Timers are made of food grade nylon and activate at precise temperatures ranging from 52°C to 82°C. Given the exact activation temperatures, all of the food cooked, using a Safe-Tee Timer, is not only safe to eat but cooked to perfection.

Safe-Tee Timers can be simply inserted manually during the food production process into the selected poultry or meat. However, we recognise that this may not suitable for many large-scale processing operations. Given that, we have designed and developed a completely automated insertion solution for the poultry and meat processing and production industry. Our insertion machine has been designed so that it can be installed as part of an existing production line and can be used with both poultry and jointed meat products of varying weights and sizes. Our insertion machine will automatically insert the Safe-Tee Timer in the perfect position each and every time and will not interfere with the production flow.