Safe-Tee Timers

meat-themometer-safe-tee-timer-1Ensuring that the meat you plan to eat is cooked to the correct temperature is a concern for the majority of us. However, we at Safe-Tee Timers offer a very simple solution to the problem. We supply disposable timers that accurately indicate when the required internal temperature of the meat has been reached. This means that not only is it safe to eat but also perfectly cooked.

Our timer technology gives an accurate indication when the optimum internal cooking temperature of the meat has been reached. It works in a wide range of products including poultry, beef, lamb and pork. The size of the joint is not an issue as we can supply a timer that activates across a wide range of temperatures.

Safe to Eat

Each Safe-Tee timer is manufactured to activate to the required temperature ranging from 52°C to 82°C, ensuring that the consumer knows that whatever they are cooking, using a Safe-Tee timer, will be safe to eat.


Perfectly Cooked

The other advantage to the precise activation of the Safe-Tee timer is that not only will the food being cooked be safe to eat but just as importantly, cooked to perfection.

Inserting the Timer

The Safe-Tee disposable timer is easy to insert into any product. Although this can simply be done manually we can supply the required machinery for automated insertion.