The poultry industry must “take responsibility” for tackling food poisoning

A recent survey has stated that the poultry industry must “take responsibility” for tackling the UK’s most common source of food poisoning.

An investigation into the ‘food poisoning’ problem has revealed cases of campylobacter are increasing, with about 500,000 people a year infected.

CAMPYLOBACTER ‘food poisoning bug’

campylobacter food poisoning safetee timers

  • In 2009 however, more than 17,000 people in England and Wales were admitted to hospital and 88 people died.
  • The main cause is undercooked meat, especially chicken or other poultry.
  • A simple solution is to ensure that everyone cooks all meat thoroughly and wash any kitchen surfaces that have come into contact with raw meat.

The FSA’s most recent research suggests about two-thirds of raw shop-bought chicken is contaminated.

There is now a target to reduce this to 10% by 2015, which it is hoped would lead to more than 100,000 fewer cases of campylobacter poisoning.

Food Poisoning
“The producers and the processors realise that we have a responsibility to reduce to the absolute minimum any possible risk that could be passed on to the consumer, so that when they buy food it’s the safest it can be.”
Jeremy Spencer is a Director of Safe-Tee Timers. Safe-Tee Timers are suppliers of disposable cooking thermometers to the meat and poultry industry. All of the products we supply are manufactured to meet the current USDA, FDA and CFIA standards.

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